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What Are Your Non-Negotiable's?

Non-negotiable's are small daily habits that will compound overtime to help you be better in any aspect of your life that you choose. They are not negotiable whether you do them or not, you make sure you get them done! Mine have always been:

- Drink at least 2L of water - Hit at least 150g protein per day - Take my multivitamin and fish oil tablets 

And now during camp, to get out for a walk and record a live video in the FB group. For accountability to myself and the crew, as I want to lead by example. And secondly, because I enjoy it and it can be easy/comfortable to skip it some days. There are days when I'm incredibly busy, but I know that these are always simple wins I can tick off with the smallest bit of thought and planning, to the point where now it is habit. Have a think, could you set one or two of these personal to your own goals? It can be literally anything - work related, fitness/nutrition, family...

"There are no good or bad habits, just ones that will help you get closer to where you want to be and others that may steer you further away."

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