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Many of you reading this have probably joined gyms, desperately tried slimming clubs and other strict dieting protocols, spent extra money on ‘fat loss’ supplements, maybe even hired a personal trainer for a short period of time… but you’re still not where you want to be, or happy with your body.


All of that time and money spent, yet none of your efforts have gotten you the results or been sustainable with your lifestyle in the longer term.


Our 1-1 coaching service gives you the tools to not only succeed and guide you towards the results you desire, but to make it as simple as possible from the start.

What kind of training program will you follow?


The program that you follow is based on your specific goal, whether that be fat loss, weight management or muscle growth.


Every program is different and should never be ‘one size fits all’. We gather the information required during your initial consultation to create a program that can be adapted as you progress, ensuring that you are always improving by the week.


All of the systems we use have been moulded from ongoing personal development through seminars and courses, and most importantly, thousands of hours coaching experience with hundreds or different individuals.

What we expect from you as a client…


Due to growing demand and time focussed towards helping our clients, we are very proud to only work with individuals who are willing to be coached and fully trust the process - unlike many personal trainers, who are just happy to take money and tick off the sessions regardless of actually progressing their clients or not.


To this extent there are two specific conditions that we demand each client agrees to before committing with any payment.

  • Make the time and commit to your training with us. If you are serious about getting results, you will put in the effort both in and out of your sessions.

  • Give 90% effort throughout the workouts and nutrition strategies - you’ll get that back in results. We know everyone is susceptible to slipping up, but we are not interested in working with anyone who gives less than 90%. This is nothing personal but we would rather keep our reputation and work with clients who are committed to seeing results and change. Sometimes the intention is there but it’s just not the right time to make the commitment.




All payments are made monthly and vary depending on the package that you require. We will explain different options and recommended the best possible solution for you to get results during your initial consultation, which you can arrange below.

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