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Be More Competitive

Today I have been thinking about 'competition'

You will have heard the saying, “it’s the taking part that counts”

In most cases, I disagree with that

Competitiveness is required to get better at anything in some form

I’m not just talking about against others, i’m talking about competing with yourself

If you want to WIN, you have to do better

A basic example is your training log…

You don’t get better in the gym if you’re always doing the same weight, with the same poor technique on the same exercises

You get better by reviewing what you last did and actively competing against your previous performance (that is not always more weight!)

This thinking can be transferred across to anything, the desire to do and be better, even just by 1%

Participation alone is not an option if you want to transform something, all you will be doing is treading water

How can you be more competitive?

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