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A New Outlook On Your Daily Habits & Choices

Your hygiene habits are the reason you're not looking and smelling like a chimney sweeper...

Brushing your teeth and washing daily

Keeping your hair and nails groomed to a standard

Wearing deodorant

Washing your hands regularly

... all habits that we have built and carried through our lives. You don't HAVE to do them, but you CHOOSE to, to keep to a certain standard

The same applies to your health and fitness

The habits you have created and maintained to this point are the reason you're in the position you're in right now

If you want to maintain that, continue doing the same thing

If you want to improve that standard, you're going to have to work on your habits and routines...

Exercise daily

Eat inline with your goal and make better, nutritious choices

Recover just as well as you train - sleep, manage stress

Spend less time on your phone or watching TV

Drink more water, less caffeine and alcohol

If you brushed your teeth twice per week opposed to everyday, what difference would that make to your hygiene?

It is the exact same with your habits that surround your health and fitness...

Only doing them in spurts when you feel motivated won't bring much change

I hope this has you thinking what you could do to further improve your health, both physical and mental - because they go hand in hand

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