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The 80/20 'Balanced' Diet

100% adherence is unrealistic for 99% of individuals.

You are not the 1% and you shouldn’t expect yourself to be.

This diagram shows what an 80/20 split looks like for someone who has 3 meals, 7 days per week.

Pizza, kebab, burger & fries and pancakes all included.

Obviously, portion sizing and variation would have to be considered…

A homemade, lower calorie pizza will be different to a dominos with added sides.

The difference between a small and large dominos will also be significant.

Calories on a stack of pancakes can be easily doubled depending on the topping/sauce smothered on top.

Although they can be included, this chart doesn’t show snacks or grazing through the day too.

Alcohol is a different story.

How would your week look if you were to create a similar diagram?

Where could you make the quickest, easiest and most sustainable adjustments?

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