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Do You Really Lack Motivation?

As a coach it is not uncommon to hear from people that they 'lack motivation' to exercise, whether that be in a gym, outside of their scheduled PT sessions, and more recently, at home in isolation.

As an experienced coach and just a human being in general, I understand.

But is it really a lack of motivation that is inhibiting you?

Motivation can be gained and lost in an instant. It is temporary.

Something inspires you and in that moment, you want to go out and kick-ass. But then something else comes up or enters your mind and stops you.

How can you combat this?

Know WHY.

Why do you exercise? What is the reason that you started? What would happen if you didn't do it, in the short and long term?

Was it to improve your health after having a scare?

Improve your performance for sport?

Did you lose mobility and movement from a previous injury and want to rehabilitate?

Mentally, did your body image upset you? Or had the words or perceptions of others hurt you?

These are just some general reasons I have heard in the past, but maybe you can begin to ask yourself WHY you actually started in the first place. If it is genuine, this is very powerful and will be more than any motivation you need to continue improving yourself through exercise - even if it is the minimum, its better than nothing.


Once you know your WHY, you can then begin to implement routines, habits and rituals to prevent or work through the bullshit and counterproductive excuses you give to yourself.

Normally, you may have finished work and gone straight to the gym.

If you're isolated at home all day and forced to only train at home, you are completely out of 'routine'. But can you create a new routine for yourself?

Could you finish work, change straight into your training clothes and go for a short walk around the block to warm-up and get some fresh air? As soon as you get back in, you have your session already written up and ready to go. This could also be done in the morning.

If you have kids, maybe you make a deal with your partner that between a specific time of the day, you workout and they look after the kids?

There is no ideal scenario for everyone, but you can create your own.

If there is no set routine, or you don't create any daily habits to help you succeed, you are more likely to procrastinate, get distracted or feel sorry for yourself because 'things aren't how they used to be'.

To get better, you must improvise and adapt.

My role as a coach is not to be a motivator, but to help guide and advise on how to better improve your health and achieve your goals, one step at a time. I hope you can take this as practical advise to apply to your own lifestyle in these current times.

If you would like further help on how you can continue to progress during the lockdown, message directly and I will be happy to do what I can. Also check out my previous article on basic tips for home training.

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