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Home Training: 4 Helpful Tips

Gyms are closed, your weekly face-to-face personal training sessions and group classes are temporarily on hold... you're now left to exercise most likely by yourself, at home with far less equipment than you're used to.

Here are 4 useful tips you can implement into your home workouts:

1. Keep It Simple

Repetition of the basics, working major muscle groups of the body.

Think squats, lunges, push-ups, planks...

If you have dumbbells, kettlebells or resistance bands, then you can load the above and also perform pressing, rowing and other resisted movements.

2. Keep It Short

There will be many more distractions training from home. If you struggle with this, or 'lack motivation' - break up your normal workouts into smaller circuits. Get in, get out.

Set a time limit for your session and keep an eye on the clock. Rest times are better kept minimal.

3. Be Realistic

More recently, there are lots of innovative ways you can better replicate with the 'effects' of specific gym equipment with elaborate set-up and use of bands and all kinds of equipment. In my opinion, for the vast majority of general population, this is unnecessary and time can be better spent on the basics.

With limited equipment, you aren’t going to be able to accurately replicate equipment you have in a gym, regardless of how many bands you have, its not practical.

See this as a maintenance and preparation phase for your return to the gym.

4. Use The Internet

Find groups that offer workouts, hire a coach to work with 1-1 online, search YouTube for ideas - you literally have every piece of information ever created in the palm of your hand.

If you would like a point in the right direction, I'm more than willing to help.

Put Simply...

Those who continue to do some form of regular exercise throughout this lockdown, will be the ones who progress quicker once we are back to less restricted times.

We are all in the same situation, it is just what you make of it that will decide how you come out of the other side.

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