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'Phase 2' Re-Opening The Facility

On Thursday 9th July, the government finally gave gym owners and goers the news we have agonisingly waited almost 4 months for...

Indoor gyms are permitted to open from Saturday 25th July.

Healthy and safety precautions have been outlined more clearly than previous announcements and at SP, there has already been a thorough risk assessment completed, all anti-bacterial cleaning products and protocols put in place, we are ready to rock n' roll!

Since late-May, I have been taking 1-1 PT sessions outdoors, which at times has been testing with weather conditions - but not one client has cancelled and the training has been as effective as ever. I also feel my skill set has improved from going back to working with minimal equipment and resources.

So how will things change now we can move back in to the facility?

For the most part, the procedures created during 'Phase 1' of re-opening will be carried indoors for this next phase, however with group training kicking back off, extra considerations will be reinforced.

Additional Considerations & Procedures

Touch-less hand sanitiser station near the designated entrance and exits, with signage all around the facility to remind members of health and safety guidelines.

Group session format will be carefully programmed to ensure not only are the training sessions highly effective to produce results, but also allow for social distancing.

Ventilation will be no problem as the front door and roll shutter will be left open to help circulate fresh air.

The 7pm camp has been nudged to 7:15pm to allow us to triple-check all cleaning has been done after the 6pm camp finishes, the gym layout can be altered if necessary and both groups can prevent crossing paths.

Members are encouraged to only bring essential items into the facility, and change into workout clothing before arriving for their session.

The nutrition seminar that is usually ran during week 1 of camp will now be done online via Zoom. With all the practice of video session over the lockdown period, this should actually run very smoothly and allow for even better visuals than my whiteboard drawings!

The most important consideration has always been safety at SP, predating the current pandemic.

For now, the risk will always be there, but I am confident that with the systems we put into place, the awareness people have of the virus and the improved accessibility to testing, the main focus can be put back into improving on and off the gym floor from July 25th.

If you have any questions on this announcement, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.


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