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Goal Setting: 5 Simple Steps

It's January and many of us will be setting goals and targets to reach in this new year. Get out a piece of paper and use this quick and simple guide to help you set some of your own goals to achieve...

💥1. SPECIFIC - Write out a clear goal you want to achieve.

"I want to lose 10kg and fit into my old clothes."

💥 2. MEASURABLE - You need to be able to track it. Photos, measurements, weight, reps, miles, timings...

"To track my progress, i'm going to weigh myself every other day and keep my old clothes to try on every month."

💥 3. ACHIEVABLE - It should be challenging but realistic. Going from couch potato to cover model 4 weeks before Benidorm probably isn't going to happen.

"I currently exercise twice per week after work. To help me achieve my goal i'm going to exercise three times per week and walk for 20 minutes each day on my lunch break. If I can make time on the weekends, i'll go on a longer walk with my partner."

💥 4. RELEVANT - Set goals that fit into your life plan, not somebody else's. Are you doing something for acknowledgment from someone else or are you doing it to better yourself?

"I want to lose this weight to feel confident in my own body again and prove to myself that I can complete a goal that I have set for myself, not giving up like I have in the past."

💥 5. TIME-BASED - Set a date that you want to achieve your goal by. A wedding, marathon, holiday, 12-week training program...

"I'm going on a holiday with my partner in 5 months time and have swimwear I'd like to fit back into! On average, that means my target is to lose 2kg per month/0.5kg per week up to that time!"

If you already have goals set, review them. Are you on-track? Do they need adjusting or have they changed completely?

Owe it to yourself to start making progress as soon as possible.

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