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What is Your First Move After Christmas?

You are currently at the point between Christmas and New Year when nobody knows what day it is and...

  • The only food you have in the house is post Christmas dinner leftovers and extra tubs of lurpak.

  • Chocolate is being eaten like clockwork, every hour on the hour because you’re “trying to get rid.”

  • The TV is overheating from Netflix playing full seasons back to back.

  • You’re dreading the first session back at the gym, even though it’s only been a week or so.

What is your first move?

Here are a few things you could take a pick from…

  • Do a proper food shop. Get back to a normal eating routine ASAP.

  • Go to the gym. You don’t need anything overly structured. Just get a sweat on and move about.

  • Write down some goals for the coming weeks, months etc. Get it on paper and create a plan.

The longer you wait, the worse you’ll feel.

Don’t delay, take the first step as soon as you can!


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