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The Power Of Positive Thinking

One of my current daily tasks is to read 10 pages of a book, so I picked Good Vibes, Good Life (by Vex King) back up after it collecting dust on my bedside table over the last few months.

It explores positive thinking and mindset - I can highly recommend it for easy reading, a lot of the content will click with you I’m sure.

Last night, I was reading about perception.

How every individual’s perception forms their own reality.

Thinking about it, everything on this earth, everything we experience, is neutral.

It is how we perceive it that forms the reality of it.

For example;

If you were to ask each of my clients to describe our gym and the programs, you would receive 20-30 different interpretations.

Somebody neutral with no idea who we are or what we do reading each description without context may think it is about 20 different gyms.

Everybody has different biases, beliefs, understanding, likes and dislikes…

Therefore, how you perceive any one thing can literally mould the way you feel about it or experience it.

For example;

If you tell yourself you can’t perform anymore reps, you won’t try, or if you do you won’t put in the effort required through fear.

If you tell yourself something is bad or negative without experiencing it or being open to other possibilities, it most likely will be.

Take a step back, clear your mind and assess how you view things, people, events etc.

More often than not you will have a biased perception due to past experiences, but is that the truth?

Thought provoking stuff, but eye opening when you take time to put it into practice.

You could argue that ultimately, nothing is neither good nor bad, just how we perceive it to be.

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