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5 Easy Ways To Drink More Water

Being at home more can make it tougher to get inenough water throughout the day, especially as we are out of normal routine and it can be all too easy to wish days away...

#1 Keep water bottles filled up around the house and by your side throughout the day.

#2 Every time you exercise, go for a walk or even leave the house, take a bottle of water with you and aim to finish it.

#3 Add flavour to your water such as sugar free squash or slices of fruit.

#4 Use a marked water bottle to see your consumption through the day. I try to finish a 750ml bottle before noon and the next before tea time at least. If I train I will drink another full bottle during that session.

#5 Eat more water-rich foods such as lettuce, cucumber and melon.

Always remember that something is better than nothing, in any goal that you set towards improving your health - and many things can be done with minimal effort!

Which of these 5 tips could you implement right away?


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