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Eating Out (Or On The Go) Could Be Inhibiting Your Progress

Dining out and trying new dishes is definitely one of my favourite things to do, but over 90% of the week I will cook and prepare my own food.

I like to be organised, knowing what opportunities I have to cook, prepare and eat based on my schedule.

My energy levels are crucial. Weekdays are typically long, and performing at a high standard in both work and training are important to me.

Eating out or buying food on the go might be convenient for time and more tempting, but regularly doing so won’t help me perform at my best or make me feel all that good.

Excess calories.

Hidden ingredients.

Potential digestive problems.

Feeling lethargic.

Increased spending and food wastage at home when done regularly.

I’m not saying stop eating out or bashing those who do it regularly, these are my reasons.

But barring the outliers of the general population…

Don’t expect to make progress with your overall health, physical and mental performance if a large part of your weekly diet consists of meals out, fast food or grab and go snacks.

Look at your upcoming schedule, identify opportunities you have to cook, prepare and eat.

Take control.

I can guarantee your energy levels will increase and you’ll perform better at work, home and in the gym.

When it comes to eating out, you’ll look forward to and enjoy the experience much more too 🙂

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