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Why Warm-Up?

“Warming-up” isn’t necessarily about increasing your body temperature, or getting a sweat on.

The goal is to increasingly recruit muscle fibre motor units to fire.

In simple terms, when driving you simply cannot get to 60mph in first gear. You have to go through the gears as power output increases.

Going straight into the heavier sets massively risks injury, doesn’t help your joints and your performance will most certainly be much lower.

Basically you can waste your potential.

Joe Bennett (HyperTrophy Coach) says it best that warm-up sets should be seen as practice.

The more practice you get leading up to the big lifts, the better.

Over-accentuate your technique so that over time, it becomes more accurate and almost automatic.

I’m not saying take 30-minutes to prepare for your fist set. But aim for at least 2-4 warm-ups before going IN.

The further into your session you get, the less need you’ll have for them on the same muscle group.

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