• Joshua McDool

Today's Chest Session

Something is better than nothing.

Today I didn’t have any plan to train, but wanted to do something.

So I picked a muscle group I hadn’t yet trained this week (chest) and did an off-cuff session.


The Session

Cable Flyes

2 sets x 20 reps

Low Incline Dumbbell Press

1 set x 5 reps @ heavy

1 set x 14 reps @ moderate

Decline Barbell Bench Press

1 ‘double drop’ set, each weight just short of failure


1 set to failure

With warm-ups and rest times etc, this took no longer than 40-minutes.

If your intention is to really push your training in a week or two, sessions like this will keep you ticking over and mentally switched on in the mean time, ready for the big January shift.

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