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Things You DON'T Need In January

With the New Year just around the corner, motivation to (re)start your health and fitness journey after an over indulgent Christmas week will be at a year-round high!

Sadly, there are a lot of charlatans and gimmicks out there that will be preying on your motivation to make a quick buck...

Things You Don't Need

800kcal diet plans.

Fasted cardio.

Waist trainers.

Pre-workout and fat burner supplements.

Cutting out sugar/ carbs.

Ab cradles or vibration plates.

What You Do Need

A form of exercise you enjoy and attend regularly through the week.

Pay more attention to what you eat. Fast food everyday won’t help, at all.

Drink more water than you are currently and limit caffeine.

Give yourself the opportunity to sleep 7+ hours each night.

👎🏼 Don’t think short-term, rapid results - they won’t last.

👍🏼 Work on the basic foundations of longer-term health, everyday.

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