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Protein: Don't Be Fooled By Clever Marketing

The word ‘protein’ can be a misleading marketing tool to get the less informed to buy more product.

Many clients have told me about new cereals or chocolate bars they’re eating that are ‘packed with protein’...

In most cases, if you compare the labels to the original products, they’re practically the same.

Infographic taken from @cheatdaydesign on Instagram

These companies can claim it has extra protein per serving or your normal portion size, there maybe a couple of extra grams... but when your daily target is well over 100g, is the extra cost of that product worth the smallest return?

In my opinion, probably not and money is better spent elsewhere.

I’m not saying don’t buy these products, if you like them then go nuts! But don’t be lead on by a clever marketing trick.

I encourage you to compare the labels of these next time you’re shopping and see for yourself!


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