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Are You Actually Hungry, Or Are You Just Bored?

I heard this tip recently and would credit if I remember where from, but it has been really handy at times for me...

The next time you're reaching for a snack for the sake of eating, ask yourself...

"Could I eat an apple right now?"

If the answer is no - you're not hungry, you're just bored or eating for a different reason.

Reducing your calories and changing your habits can be difficult, especially in the beginning.

But you must accept the fact that you're probably going to get hungry more often.

Eventually you will adapt to a new routine, but you have to try for an extended period of time and make adjustments inline with the goal you have set.

So next time you open the fridge between meals, use this tool.

... and if you don't like apples, [insert other fruit/low calories nutritious option here].

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