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20 For 2020 At SP

Thank you for following and a Happy New Year to you and your families! Here are 20 positives at SP from a very strange year...

1. We have provided a safe and uplifting environment for our members to thrive.

2. Every single person has improved in their health and fitness in some, if not many ways.

3. New friendships have been made that will outlast SP itself.

4. Zero covid cases.

5. We adapted smoothly to online and outdoor sessions when needed.

6. Launched Physique Camp, with every single camp selling out prior to starting.

7. Plenty of new equipment for our members.

Lockdowns didn't stop the investments!

8. A great addition to the coaching team in Rob.

Physique Camp assistant coach, Rob Green.

9. A growing reputation for the work we provide and the buzz of the environment and training culture created.

10. Strong partnerships with local business.

11. Unforgettable support provided by family, friends and local authorities when times have been tough.

12. Opportunities to work with athletes from amateur to European level.

13. Dipping the toes into business consultancy and PT mentorship for the first time. A service I am very passionate about and would like to expand in the near future.

Consultancy sessions with upcoming Sheffield PT, Ollie King.

14. T-shirts, hoodies and caps... we have developed some pretty cool clobber.

15. Ran some tough and fun challenges for members and followers throughout the year.

16. Replied to every message and enquiry, and referred out whenever we have been at capacity (which has been a lot).

17. Allowed time to relax and not be consumed by the business, helping boost the quality of service further.

A weekend in Edinburgh, Scotland.

18. Planned added value going into 2021 for current and future members on top of what we already offer.

19. Still afloat and operating throughout a historical pandemic.

20. Stayed true to our core values and always had our members best interest at heart.

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