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The Answer To Consistent Gym Injuries

If you’re picking up a new injury/niggle in the gym each week, you’re more than likely…

Doing too much, and/or your technique needs to be improved

‘Doing too much’ could be the weight on the bar, the amount of sets or days that you’re training ❌

Which leads me to technique…

If this is made the main focus of your sessions, the intensity of each rep/set will increase 🎯

Which leads to less need for trash sets/reps/sessions, because you have already got the job done ✔️

Learn to be more productive with the limited time you have in the gym each week, don't waste it

More is not always better

If you want to be in the gym most days of the week, that is okay - but make sure you have a structured program to help prevent said injuries/niggles

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