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Why Weekly Weigh-Ins Are Pointless

Why build yourself every single week to potentially end up disappointed, upset or frustrated?

Trying to justify to yourself why a number has changed or stayed the same, and is the equivalent to your self worth

I post about this a lot because it can be a huge mental block for many people.

So many things can influence the number on the scale. You can see in this photo how my weight increased 3lb in a matter of hours.

Side note; I think my PR is 7lbs in one day.

If you want to track your weight more efficiently, try weighing daily and see how it fluctuates.

From there you can make smarter lifestyle adjustments based off the feedback.

It’s messed up how failure and success is determined at a weekly weigh-in, when it could just be that you didn’t have a s*** that morning.

Want to learn alternative methods of tracking your physical progress, and other variables that will cause your weight to fluctuate? Have a quick read of this recent article I wrote.

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