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What My Bench Press And Dominos Pizza Have In Common

More load is not always ‘better’.

More reps is not always ‘better’.

Not progressing on either of these one week, or two, or three, does not mean you are not making progress...

Take my decline bench press for example:

I have been pressing the same weight now for the last 4 weeks.

September 14th

1 x 7 @ 77.5kg 1 x 6

“Both felt amazing. Possibly could equal on second set next week. Wear wrist wraps.”

September 21st

1 x 8-1 @ 77.5kg 1 x 5-1

(The additional -1 reps are spotted)

September 28th

1 x 8-1 @ 77.5kg 1 x 5-1

“Very slightest spot on first set. Felt great.”

October 5th

1 x 8 @ 77.5kg - “wobble on rep 3” 1 x 6-1

“Best second set yet!”


Rep range 6-10 Tempo 2011

I have been performing this lift with these guidelines since April, where I was hitting 2 x 7 @ 65kg.

I could most definitely increase the load to 80kg next week and see what I can get. But that would be MUCH easier mentally for me as I have no expectations or nothing to really aim for.

The aim is to make my last rep look like my first rep, target the exact same area of my chest, and complete the rep range of 10 reps.

It has taken me weeks/months to get to this point where now, every single rep matters. And a slight ‘wobble’ can cost me that extra rep on last week, as it may have done yesterday.

BUT I know that I am progressing because the standard is consistent across all of my reps and sets... and my chest is bigger.

The tempo is the same each week, my chest is constantly under tension, my setup is the same and I have a great training partner who allows me to WORK safely.

Focus on creating a better connection with the muscles you’re trying to improve, using those to the main workload.

Be honest with yourself, make notes and ask questions. Leave your ego at the door and don’t worry what others are doing.

Dominos could take each ingredient for a pizza and throw it at the same wall, but that would not produce a pizza. (Load, reps, tempo, breathing, bracing, rest etc).

To produce the tasty pizzas every single time, they follow the instructions and make all the considerations. Constantly trying to improve their formula. Not just adding more flour or toppings for the sake of it.

That is why a physique/body shape can never really change over a long period, or why a certain weight or exercise never progresses and is constantly up and down.

Be consistent, be patient, learn and enjoy the process!

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