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Video Tutorial: Brutal Biceps Blast

Want an insane pump on your biceps with just a pair of dumbbells? Look no further...

Three exercises performed back-to-back which can be used as a brutally effective finisher for any session - home or gym.

Concentration Curls

Ensure the working arm is jammed into your thigh and does not move to isolate the movement. As with any biceps exercise, initiate the movement by contracting the biceps muscle from a lengthened/stretched position - not just focussing on moving your hand. This exercise will be toughest towards the top.

Hammer Curls

Keep your upper arm locked in position by your side, again with only the elbow joint flexing and extending. This is a brilliant mid-range movement that will allow you to WORK and get some reps in.

Incline Curls

This video tutorial below shows a potential home set-up with the use of a foam roller substituting an inline bench, however if you have a bench you're likely to be much more stable.

The bottom portion of this movement will now be the focus as we should have exhausted the top (short) and middle ranges of the biceps/elbow flexion. If you are finishing a session with this, don't be afraid to go to the point where you can barely move the dumbbells through bicep contractions - especially if 'bigger arms' are your goal.

If you add this to one of your sessions, let me know how you get on!

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