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The '12 Week Transformation': WHY?

‘Before and after’ pictures of relatively short timeframe body transformations can often make you ask yourself the question, ‘could I do that myself?’

Maybe they make you doubt yourself and think you have no chance, or that you’re ‘past it’?

Well let me tell you, you could achieve a drastic physical transformation of your own in just a few months, but very unlikely through luck or intention alone.

There are so many variables that have to be inline, tracked and accounted for the process to happen fast and consistently.

In a previous article I discussed the realities of the short time-frame transformations. My aim with this article isn’t to bombard you with science or reference studies, as that may only confuse you more. But to give an insight into how the result can be achieved.


Wanting to look good in your bikini on the beach, to pull birds, to have visible abs, to have bigger arms or to lose fat from the backs of your arms could all be goals or reasons for wanting to dedicate yourself to the process, but the goal alone will not push you through when you’ve had an off day or you feel like quitting.

A famous Hollywood transformation expert (who gets actors RIPPED in a matter of weeks) stated that the process is only 20% training and diet, but 80% is down to psychology and mindset.

You could have the most tailored, effective plan specific to your lifestyle, but if you don’t know the real reason why you’re doing it, and don’t prioritise the process over most other things – you will struggle to get the result you’re capable of, and as I’ve seen in many cases before, drop-off early.

The reason WHY is much more important than the end goal, and you may have to dig DEEP as to why you really want to change.

Here’s a scenario as an example…

I receive an enquiry online for 1-1 coaching. This person is going on holiday in 3 months and they want to lose fat from their stomach, arms and legs, AND must be at least a size 10 by the time they hit the beach.

I invite them in for a chat.

At first, they repeat what they said in their enquiry as the reason for wanting coaching; they don’t like having fat in those specific areas and want to be at least a size 10 for the holiday.

Digging a little deeper, they're asked why.

They reply saying that they don’t want to look fat on the beach.

But what if they reach a size 10 and still aren’t happy with how they look? Why don’t they want to look fat on the beach?

After digging a little deeper and questioning their reason why, it is learned this person has had two children over the past six years, has become very insecure with their body after prioritising the care for their family, and the last time they felt confident in their own skin was before having children when they remember being a size 10.

So the real reason why they reached out for help making a change was because they had lost confidence baring their body to almost anyone but themselves, and were upset and scared at the thought of wearing swimwear on their next holiday.

This is all hypothetical, but scenarios like these are very common.

Another maybe an individual who has lost a lot of weight, but now actually wants to “tighten up” and add some muscle, because they thought rapid weight loss would make them feel happy, but now their appearance feels weak and soft. They don’t feel like they can protect their family, or command respect in their job role.

It becomes easy to see how these thoughts of insecurity and low self-worth can transfer over into may other aspects of people’s lives – relationships, social circles, work, energy and productivity…

The goal alone is very unlikely to feed the determination and discipline to achieve the result in such an intense process, there needs to be a reason why.

If you are looking to work towards such a transformation of your own, you can ask yourself these three questions:

Why do I want to achieve [insert goal]?

What will happen if I fail in achieving it?

What will happen if I succeed in achieving it?

If you feel the answers from these questions are strong and serve you purpose at this moment in time, then you could be more than ready to take the next steps to beginning the transformation process.

In the next part to this article, I will outline some of the key variables that can have a massive impact on the result.

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