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10lbs Dropped in 8 Weeks: How Physique Camp Helped Me

Between July - December 2019, mentally I was in a bad place.

My working days started at 5:30am and would finish close to 10pm. Owning and operating a business that was growing in demand made it difficult to do much else, let alone think about anything but work.

Add into the mix a month long, intense internship - having to commute 2 hours there and back to then train my own clients, as well as various social and personal commitments - I was well and truly 'burning the candle at both ends.'

I could count the number of times I trained over those 6 months on two hands, and the hours I slept a large chunk of those nights on one hand.

Stress was through the roof, and as much as I knew I didn't feel happy - I never realised the effect it had on not only my mental health, but also my physical appearance.

Having always been the 'gym guy' amongst my family and friends, as well as always being relatively lean since childhood, I have never felt 'out of shape' or ever had to try and lose weight. When I mentioned this to people, it would more often than not be laughed off.

"You're not out of shape, don't be silly"

Looking at me clothed, physically I'd look more or less the same I had for the past year after gaining some size and strength through an online coaching program. And most people were that used to seeing me daily it would be hard to tell the difference.

But I knew.

Energy was low.

I felt weak.

My joints were aching and my stomach constantly bloated.

Inflammation was through the roof.

I did not prioritise my own health, never mind structure for training and nutrition.

How did Physique Camp help me transform my mindset and regain control over my body?

From October, I had already began planning the initial outline of the camp, which would be like nothing I've done before.

All of the coaching services I offered up to this point were ran on a monthly basis, therefore I could manage my client's lifestyles full-time - as much as or as little as they want me to. The difference with this program is that it provides a start and an end date.

Weight training a minimum of 3x per week also provides enough stimulus to force change over the 8-week period, as well as a good chunk of time to focus on improving nutrition and applying lasting dietary habits.

The program sold out a full month before starting on January 20th.

This was a perfect opportunity for me to lead from the front and showcase what could be achieved in a relatively short period of time.


I trained 3-5x per week, mostly with a training partner for added motivation. Each session was logged (exercises, sets, reps etc) so I could see progress and knew where to improve each time I trained.


I did not track my calories at all. Portion sizes of meals were monitored, vegetables included with most meals and plenty of water consumed through the day.


Sleep was made a priority. I'd give myself a big enough window to have at least 7 hours per night to help me body better recover and improve daily energy levels. This meant limiting screen time in evenings and dim lighting through the house.

I stayed consistent 90% of the time. Some days I didn't train, others I may have 'blown out' on the diet, but overall I stuck to the plan.

At the end of the 8-weeks, I was not only surprised at the physical difference, but reflecting on how my mindset had sky rocketed and energy levels had increased - i'd felt a sense of achievement I wasn't accustomed to in the past.

Along with my own personal transformation, more importantly, each and every person that took part in the first ever Physique Camp also achieved amazing results - from dropping body fat and gaining muscle, to lifting weights they never thought possible or even just enjoying a gym environment around a group of motivating, friendly people!

This is the best group program I have ever ran. We leave no stone unturned, coaching quality is very high and the atmosphere every single session is electric.

I cannot wait for the next camp to start already and work through my own program alongside our crew!

For more information on how you could achieve amazing results of your own on our Physique Camp, contact me directly.

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